Blackwick Writers Guild was founded on the principle that if you write, you’re a writer.

Our mission.

Our writers and their work are the heart of the guild. Every member has their own unique style, vision, and skill level and we fiercely support individuality within our community. Whatever your goals are, we aim to find a way to foster your needs to help you grow as a writer.

Blackwick has big dreams. We want to support one another and our entire community in bringing literary experiences to the public. As we grow, we hope to finance readings, talks and workshops from both local authors and writers from around the world.

The whole “Guild” thing.

In the brainstorming phase of this crew, the two founders realized we’d had similar experiences in almost all other groups: you meet, you make some jokes about burning your manuscript, you write silently for a couple of hours, and then you part ways until the next meeting. We both wanted something different.

A guild is generally defined as a group of artists or craftspeople who band together for mutual aid. However, a guild does one more important thing – they protect each others’ work. For us, this means protecting each others’ right to be writers, as well as the works that we create.

This “protection” can take many forms – encouragement, accountability, or even rest. Most importantly, it means that our members know they have a community they can count on when they need it.

To learn more about Blackwick, head to our values page.