Blackwick’s Mission and Values

Blackwick is a community-led writers guild. Our mission is to be a safe space for our members to learn, grow, and write, while providing the resources and support to achieve their individual goals. Our values and guidelines are member-driven and paramount to this mission. Our values: Growth: We are all working towards goals, big or small, and believe in fostering a community that is eager to learn from each other, discuss writing, and share our unique perspectives. Support: We’ve organized ourselves as a guild, as opposed to a writers’ group, because we accept the charge of protecting each other’s work. We are a community dedicated to cheering each other on without judgement. Respect: Not everyone will write something you enjoy or even understand. We all write at different skill levels and each have different goals for our writing. Our members respect these differences as writers and as people. Harassment of any kind will result in removal from the guild. Inclusion:

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The first face appeared in a dream. It was the normal sort of dream for him these days, on a ship, bigger, of course, than any he’d actually crewed. Captain gave the orders and the cannons sounded. Quieter, of course, than cannon fire actually was. There was the same lull between the orders, the same rush of blood in the veins and every hair in his body standing on end as the planks slapped into place for the crossing. The mass of limbs and wrath descended on the smaller vessel. One of the crew let out a battle cry next to him, as thirsty for blood as for the bounty hidden in the ship’s hold. But the sounds of clashing cutlasses dulled as the boy ran towards him. Fifteen, probably, maybe younger even. Tall, limbs akimbo, like he’d never rushed a man before. Was the work of a second to put the blade in his chest, watch his bright eyes

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