The Expounder

“Hold still, I need you to look straight up,” James positioned the machine’s alignment laser just above Paul’s right eye. “Looking into the laser might hurt, but since we are replacing your eye, there won’t be any permanent damage.” Paul was on his back on a metal table in a newly renovated storage locker, his feet dangling uncomfortably off the edge, the rest of his body was strapped down. The small locker had almost nothing else in it, except for the large machine mounted on the ceiling. On one side was the arm that attached it to the ceiling, but on the other was four different arms. Each arm was designed to install a different kind of prosthesis.This was not his first time installing less than legal cyberware, though the eye itself wasn’t illegal.But a handful of his personalized modifications were. For instance, the remote hacking link addition to the hud display. “Okay, ready? On the count of —” James

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War Changes

“Two pair, aces and threes,” a tremulous-voiced man said. “What you got?”   Van Walker rounded the corner and entered the Liberty’s barracks. The room was smaller than what Van had stayed in during basic. Six bunks lined the metal walls – three on both the left and right walls. “I got shit.” Three men were sitting at a metal table in the center of the room, others were scattered around the room. One of the men at the table threw his cards in the pile.     “Why you gotta be like that?” a blonde broad shouldered man said. His jacket read Private 1st Class Gannon. Gannon greedly gathered his winnings as the gruff man gathered up the worn-out cards. “You must be the new kid.” A man that had to be ten years Van’s senior approached him, his jacket read Private 1st Class Williams. “Welcome to the Liberty, the fastest pile of shit I’ve ever lived on,” Williams

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The Power of the People

Jack Kirk   Two armies faced one another, each eager to fight for their homeland. On one side stood the Perdel soldiers, their green and silver shone in the morning sun. On the other side Prince Ralf stood next to his father dressed in his royal armor. It was gold plated, but mostly covered by a red and white surcoat, the colors of Racarn. Each pauldron was shaped to look like the head of a lion. Ralf had always wanted to wear those one day. The Perdel general rode back and forth along the Perdel ranks shouting something to them. “It is time,” Ralf’s father drew his sword and pushed his horse out in front of the ranks. “Soldiers, it is time.” Ralf started to smile. Since his first command he looked forward to his father’s eulogy of the infantry, as his father calls it. He was even scolded for it, after he mentioned it to his father. “The Perdels

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